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Over 50 years ago, a small repair business called Talleres Alcobendas was founded, specialising in mouldboards and tiltrotators. Over time, the workshop continued to grow and became SOLINTAL a leading company in the design, manufacture and supply of comprehensive solutions based on tools for earthmoving and mining machinery and other industrial equipment.

Today, SOLINTAL is known for its high degree of specialisation, the excellent quality of the products it makes and unbeatable after-sales services. With facilities covering over 16,000 m2, in recent years SOLINTAL has become known for being a modern company with a philosophy based on innovation, improving its services and adopting a personal approach with customers.

Over the past few years, the company has undergone a series of changes, starting with management, which has begun a process of modernising each department of this historical company. Apart from the management side, important changes have also been implemented in the technical and commercial departments. The manufacturing side has been the least affected, due to the constant updating of techniques and equipment experienced in recent years. These important changes are fundamentally due to the generational change experienced by SOLINTAL. The new generation has accumulated both the technical knowledge and professional experience needed to face this new stage in the management of SOLINTAL.

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Today, SOLINTAL is focused on understanding the needs of its customers and thus be able to manufacture products that meet the most demanding conditions in production, performance, reliability, etc.

SOLINTAL is growing every day

We are passionate about our work and we do our best every day. Little by little, together we have built SOLINTAL into the great company it is today.