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Atlético Algete EMF Football Club - SolintalThe 2018-2019 season got off to an excellent start for Atlético Algete EMF Football Club. As well as winning accolades and success on the pitch, its members have welcomed the news that Solintal, one of Algete’s largest and leading firms, has decided to sponsor the club. Every season the club runs a host of courses and organises innovative projects aimed at ensuring that its footballers receive the all-round training they need.

Installation of a Solintal bowser on a Komatsu truckDust is generated at aggregates exploitations (at gravel pits as well as quarries) when carrying out tasks such as blasting, loading, crushing, classifying, etc. In other words, throughout the entire process of extracting and treating the rock until the aggregate is dispatched at its final grain size, dust is released to the atmosphere.

Solintal at Big 5 Heavy Solintal, the specialist in buckets and tools for the public works sector, quarries and mining, recycling equipment and tools, and parts and piping for the engineering, industry and energy sector, recently participated in the Big 5 Heavy international fair.

Fábrica SolintalSolintal, el fabricante de cazos mineros e implementos y piecerio para los sectores de construcción, energía, ingeniería e industria, estará presente en la feria minera MMH, Metallic Mining Hall, que tendrá lugar en Sevilla del 17 al 19 de octubre en el recinto ferial de Fibes.

Buckets SolintalOn this occasion, the bucket that has been recently delivered by company Solintal is for a Komatsu PC5500 mining excavator; a powerful unit with two engines providing 940 kW each, a total weight between 533 and 552 tons depending on the options and a specific design for loading mining dumpers with a carrying capacity between 136 and 218 tons.

Solintal at the 5th National Aggregates CongressSolintal, the manufacturer of mining buckets and tools and components for the construction, energy, engineering and industry sectors, was present at the 5 th National Aggregates Congress, organised by the FDA (Aggregates Federation), in Santiago de Compostela, from the 24 th to the 26 th of October in the Congresses and Exhibitions Centre of Galicia.

Tools design and manufactures by SolintalSolintal, the great specialist manufacturer of buckets, loaders and tools for the public works, quarry and mining sector; recycling equipment and tools; and spare parts and piping for the engineering, industry and energy sectors, will have a stand at the International Recovery and Recycling Trade Fair (SSR) in Madrid, from 13 to 15 June at Ifema’s fairs venue.

Solintal’s stand was one of the most popular at SmopycQuality and service are the two words that best define a leading company in the manufacture of buckets, tools, and all kinds of structures used in engineering projects, and in the energy, construction, and cement sectors, among others.

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