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Solintal LRD named "Best Mining Equipment Manufacturer 2023", according to the international benchmark Acquisition International

Solintal LRD - “Best Mining Equipment Manufacturer 2023” por Acquisition InternationalSolintal LRD, a leading company in the construction, engineering and mining sector, has been named "Best Mining Equipment Manufacturer 2023" by the international magazine Acquisition International, reinforcing its leadership position and international reference as the main company focused on the design, manufacture and supply of integral solutions for machinery and industrial equipment for earthmoving and mining.

The award, as well as the inclusion of Solintal in this ranking, represents recognition for the company in its work to contribute to the development of projects based on excellence and innovation. This is the basis of the company's corporate culture and the guiding commitment that permeates the business activity of the entire Group.

In the words of the company's CEO, Rafael Chavarri Sabio, this award is "an example of the work we have been doing for a long time, focusing on the commitment to different solutions of excellence and leadership in the industry." Within this framework, "the company continues to professionalize itself and face new challenges such as opening up to the defense sector and the military industry in which we have been working for some time, without ever neglecting the clients that have made us grow," Chavarri Sabio points out.

With more than 40 years of activity, and added to its dedication to the manufacture and design of solutions for the industrial sector, Solintal stands out for its focus on sustainability and respect for the environment under the premises of ISO 140001.

In its process of continuous improvement of the ethical perspective, responsibility and sustainability of the business model, the company has obtained very tangible results during the last year, contributing to the reduction of its carbon footprint thanks to the implementation of practices aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The company is currently undergoing an accelerated transformation process that will allow it to continue growing in a constantly changing world. For this reason, and based on maintaining its leading position in the different sectors in which it carries out its activity, among its objectives is the implementation of consolidating and expanding the company's world leadership, as well as continuing to bet on training and expansion of its human team, providing personalized solutions and standing out in a highly competitive market.

Acquisition International

Solintal LRD - “Best Mining Equipment Manufacturer 2023” por Acquisition International

Solintal LRD - Spain Best Mining Equipment Manufacturer 2023 - Spain