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Solintal sponsors the Army´s 62nd fencing Championship 2021

Solintal sponsors the Army´s 62nd fencing Championship 2021As part of its continued efforts to support sport, Solintal has added fencing to the list of activities it sponsors each year, which already includes rhythmic gymnastics, football, and sailing.

The 2021 edition of the Army’s Fencing Championship was held on the 14 th and 15 th of April in Toledo. Solintal was present as a sponsor and provided a special prize for the winners of each specialty.

19 fencers participated in the competition, who attended from where they were deployed, with authorisation from their superiors, or from their posts as reserve military on unpaid commission. In total, there 16 men (8 foil fencers and 8 sabre fencers) and 3 women.

Among the winners were five fencers who have competed with all three weapons: sergeant Carlos Aznar (RING 7 Ceuta), Major Javier Castrillo (JIEA Sur Sevilla), 1 st corporal Juan Ciruelos (AALOG 11 Madrid), soldier Jaime Durán (RACA 11 Burgos) and soldier Eduardo Gómez (RC. Spain 11 Zaragoza).

The soldier Jaime Durán Romo (RACA 11 Burgos) won the gold medal in épée and foil fencing in the men’s category, and he also participated in sabre. Master corporal Sandra Perales Jiménez (RIL Palma 47 P. Mallorca) took the gold medals in épée and foil fencing in the women’s category.

Lieutenant (reserve) Pedro Huguet Gaya (S/Del. Def. Palma) was the most senior participant in the competition (at 58 years old) and the won the silver medal in the foil category.

The JCEFyD ET and the ECEF organised a simple medal and award ceremony in the Fencing Room, followed by the Closing Ceremony, which was chaired by lieutenant colonel Head of Studies Eduardo Aragón on behalf of the Director of the ECEF.

Rafael Chavarri, manager of Solintal, Luis Oraá Sánchez-Cano, institutional representative for defence of Solintal LRD., and Antonio Moreno, commercial representative of Solindal LRD., representing the sponsor of the Army’s 62 nd Fencing Championship, were present on the second day of the competition to witness the men and women’s sabre and foil finals, the medal awards, as well as the award of the special awards provided by Solintal.

Solintal is known throughout the world for the buckets it makes and designs, as well as its repair kits, water bowsers for mine irrigation, with capacities ranging from 20,000 to 180,000 litres, dump truck hoppers for all kinds of trucks and hauling material, as well as arms and rockers for large diggers. It also has a significant division manufacturing equipment, components, and parts for the different army divisions and defence companies.

Solintal sponsors the Army´s 62nd fencing Championship 2021

Solintal sponsors the Army´s 62nd fencing Championship 2021