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Solintal makes two new diesel tanks for EPSA

Solintal makes two new diesel tanks for EPSADespite being known all over the world as a manufacturer of buckets for mining equipment, Spanish company Solintal is also known for the 20,000 to 180,000-litre water and diesel tanks and bowsers it makes for the extraction industry and large earthmoving projects. .

The latest delivery was two 40,000-litre tanks for transporting diesel. The tanks were mounted on two Volvo A40D articulated dump trucks for the multinational earthmoving machinery company Epsa Internacional.

The tanks are intended to supply diesel to machinery working in the mine, avoiding having to transport the heavy equipment from the mine to the supply area. Each tank weighs 10,100 kg and features a specific design for the articulated dump trucks on which they are mounted: in this case, two Volvo A40s. The revolutionary design features wave-breakers on the inside that work against the movement of liquids that arise in these kinds of tanks as the dumper trucks move over bumps in the road and as they brake and accelerate suddenly as often happens in mining operations.

Solintal is known on all five continents for the buckets it makes and designs, as well as its repair kits, water bowsers for mine irrigation and diesel tanks for supplying heavy machinery, dump truck hoppers for all kinds of trucks and hauling material, as well as arms and rockers for large diggers.

What does your company need? How can we help you? Solintal has a solid technical and commercial network on all five continents. We work with distributors that allow this Madrid-based company to reach every corner of the planet. Countries such as Canada, Peru, Ukraine, or Russia are just some of the countries where Solintal is known for its designs, quality, and the services it offers.

Solintal makes two new diesel tanks for EPSA

Solintal makes two new diesel tanks for EPSA.