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Solintal at the Seville MMH

Solintal at the Seville MMHAs is now traditional at mining exhibitions in Seville, Madrid-based company Solintal was there presenting its products at a large stand in the main pavilion of the MMH (Mining and Minerals Hall), a biyearly event that brings together all the players in the European, national and Andalusian mining sector.

The meeting is organised by FIBES and AMINER (Association of research companies, extractors, mining-metalwork, auxiliary and services transformers). It is a technical-scientific congress of the highest level, attended by visitors from all over the world. The exhibition had 140 exhibitor companies across two pavilions, displaying latest-generation equipment and the most advanced services.

In addition to its interesting to-scale bucket and water bowser replicas on display at the stand, alongside an eye-catching visual presentation of all its manufacturing divisions, the company brought a large bucket to the outside area, where visitors to the event could take pictures inside it. The bucket, designed specifically for a Komatsu PC 5500 bucket, manufactured by Solintal and owned by Epsa International, the internationally renowned earthmoving company, was exhibited in the outside area, at the entrance to the MMH. The bucket, which weighs 35,000 kg, is an average-sized sample of the large pieces of equipment that Solintal designs, manufactures and sells.

Some of the largest mining companies in Spain and Europe visited Solintal’s stand, as well as mining operators working in extraction and earthmoving. The buckets made by Solintal are leaders in the sector due to the quality of the manufacturer, the excellent service it offers and its short delivery times.

Madrid-based company Solintal is known throughout the world for the buckets it makes and designs, as well as its repair kits, water bowsers for mine irrigation, with capacities ranging from 20,000 to 180,000 litres, dump truck hoppers for all kinds of trucks and hauling material, as well as arms and rockers for large diggers.

Solintal at the Seville MMH

Solintal at the Seville MMH.