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Solintal sponsors Atlético Algete EMF Football Club

Atlético Algete EMF Football Club - SolintalThe 2018-2019 season got off to an excellent start for Atlético Algete EMF Football Club. As well as winning accolades and success on the pitch, its members have welcomed the news that Solintal, one of Algete’s largest and leading firms, has decided to sponsor the club. Every season the club runs a host of courses and organises innovative projects aimed at ensuring that its footballers receive the all-round training they need.

Atlético Algete EMF Footbal Club currently has 250 players aged 4-18, grouped into various levels, as well as senior men’s and senior women’s teams, all of them led by eminently qualified coaches.

Its origins date back to 1903, since when the club has continued developing and nurturing the sport among the inhabitants of Algete and the neighbouring towns. It was in 2018 that it was definitively constituted as Atlético Algete municipal football school and it now boasts municipal sports facilities that include two fully-equipped football pitches.

The fact is that Solintal has always shown a high degree of interest in the sporting and cultural life of the district where its manufacturing facilities are located, and even more so given that many of its workers live in Algete. This helps to explain why sponsoring the Atlético Algete EMF Football Club is viewed as a priority by the Solintal management.

Solintal is known the world over for the earthmoving hoes and buckets it designs and manufactures, as well as its repair kits, its 20,000-180,000-litre water tanks for irrigating mining operations, its dumper boxes designed for any model of lorry and type of load, and its arms and rockers for all manner of large excavators.

Atlético Algete EMF Football Club - Solintal

Atlético Algete EMF Football Club