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Solintal continues manufacturing and delivering buckets for the Komatsu PC5500

Buckets SolintalOn this occasion, the bucket that has been recently delivered by company Solintal is for a Komatsu PC5500 mining excavator; a powerful unit with two engines providing 940 kW each, a total weight between 533 and 552 tons depending on the options and a specific design for loading mining dumpers with a carrying capacity between 136 and 218 tons.

Solintal is a company known around the world for designing and manufacturing buckets and ladles for the mining sector; they manufacture for most mining companies such as manufacturers of original equipment as well as companies engaged in mineral extraction and processing. The quality, professionalism, prestige and reliability of Solintal is the reason why this company from Madrid is considered a trustworthy partner by manufacturing and mining companies.

The Solintal bucket supplied for the Komatsu PC 5500 is 3,150 mm long, 4,380 mm tall and 4,690 mm wide. It weighs 37,350 kg and is capable of holding 28 m3. This is one more of the reinforced buckets supplied by Solintal this year to an important Spanish earth moving company that is working as a mining operator around the world.

Solintal is known around the world for designing and manufacturing buckets and ladles as well as for their repair kits, water tanks for irrigation at mining operations capable of holding between 20,000 and 180,000 litres, dumper buckets for any truck model and type of material they carry and finally, arms and rockers for all types of large sized excavators.

Solintal bucket

28 m3 reinforced bucket for a Komatsu PC5500 hydraulic excavator manufactured by Solintal.