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Solintal Unveils 40-Ton Loader Bucket at Smopyc Fair

Solintal’s stand was one of the most popular at SmopycQuality and service are the two words that best define a leading company in the manufacture of buckets, tools, and all kinds of structures used in engineering projects, and in the energy, construction, and cement sectors, among others.

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Solintal is a company based in Madrid with over 125 employees. It specialises in steel manufacturing, particularly in cutting, bending, boring, countersinking, turning, shot-blasting, and welding.


Solintal is known for its high degree of specialisation, the excellent quality of the products it makes, and unbeatable after-sales services. With facilities covering over 16,000 m2, in recent years Solintal has become known for being a modern company with a philosophy based on innovation, improving its services, and adopting a personal approach with customers.


Proof of this are the 130-plus excavator mining buckets that the company makes every year for important machinery manufacturers such as Komatsu, Liebherr, and Esco. It also makes tools for machinery weighing over 100 tons. Many of these are made from start to finish in the company’s base in Madrid: dredging equipment, like the ones it makes exclusively for Esco; water tanks for off-highway and articulated mining trucks; chassis for special vehicles; tools for foundations; bulldozer blades; structures for railway vehicles; etc.


One of the most eye-catching examples was recently unveiled during Zaragoza’s machinery fair. Solintal, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of buckets for excavators and loaders in the mining sector, attended the 2017 Smopyc fair with a spectacular example of the quality of its manufacturing capabilities. It was a 40,000-kg bucket; specifically, a very large bucket for a Komatsu PC5500 backhoe loader with a 28 m3 capacity. This object caught people’s attention more than any other at Smopyc. There was also a photo booth inside it, which was used by everyone, from the authorities who opened the fair, to children who were amazed by the size of the bucket, as well as other visitors who were simply curious.


The 40-ton bucket shown in Zaragoza, from a Komatsu PC 5500 backhoe, was just as impressive as the one shown at the 2016 fair in Bauma, which was also made by Solintal, and displayed outside the fair, mounted on a Komatsu PC 7000 backhoe loader.


Solintal is undoubtedly a leader in manufacture of loader buckets and tools for different sectors. It has reached this status thanks to the quality of the products it makes and the service it offers its clients.


Cazo Solintal en Smopyc 2017

Members of the Smopyc 2017 inaugural committee, with Rafael Chavarri, manager of Solintal, in the photo booth inside Solintal’s bucket. From left to right: Rafael Chavarri, manager of Solintal; Vicente Guillén, Presidential Advisor of the Government of Aragón; Gustavo Alcalde, Delegate of the Government of Aragón; Manuel Teruel, president of the Zaragoza Fair; Pedro Santisteve, Mayor of Zaragoza; and Stoian Markov, President of Smopyc.