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Two new shovel dipper buckets made for Esco

shovel dipper buckets made for EscoMadrid-based company Solintal has once again displayed its manufacturing capacity, quality, and know-how with the delivery of two shovel dipper buckets to the multinational company Esco. The delivery was made in record time, while following the strict quality parameters imposed by the American manufacturer.

The first bucket was for a P&H2800 XPB electric mining shovel, weighing 1314 t, ideal for loading dump trucks with carrying capacities between 154 and 218 tons. The bucket made by Solintal for this piece of equipment has a capacity of 33.5 m3, weighs 57,316 kg, and is 5182 mm wide, 4288 mm deep and 3901 mm tall.

The second bucket, which was also made at Solintal’s facilities in Algete, Madrid and delivered to Esco in record time, was for a different electric shovel, namely model P&H 4100 XPC, a piece of mining equipment that weights 1496 t, designed to load dump trucks with carrying capacities between 218 and 363 tons. This piece of equipment uses a 46 m3 bucket that weighs 80,645 kg and is 5665 mm wide, 4217 mm deep and 4673 mm tall.

The buckets made by Solintal for the P&H2800 XPB and the P&H 4100 XPC are a clear example of the company’s manufacturing capacity, confirming its position as a reliable partner in the eyes of leading international manufacturers, thanks to its manufacturing process and stringent quality control, its ability to meet tight deadlines and the professionalism that has been a feature of the company since its inception.

Madrid-based company Solintal is known throughout the world for the buckets it makes and designs, as well as its repair kits, water bowsers for mine irrigation, with capacities ranging from 20,000 to 180,000 litres, dump truck hoppers for all kinds of trucks and hauling material, as well as arms and rockers for large diggers.

shovel dipper buckets made for Esco

Shovel dipper buckets made for Esco.


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